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Has fun designing, printing, tinkering with 3D printed cameras (creator of Flyer 6x6, Clipper 6x18, funded by "Pinhole Printed" Kickstarter) and open source 35mm film to 120 spool adapter. @pinholeprinted

pinholeprinted http://www.pinholeprinted.com

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Designer, Engineer, Maker

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Printers: RigidBot Big

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Easy 35 Pinhole Camera by coconnor55 Aug 3, 2015
35mm Film on 120 Spool by coconnor55 May 7, 2014
New Pyramid Piggybank 2015 by coconnor55 Feb 22, 2015
Cool Birdhouse v2 by coconnor55 Jul 17, 2013
Tension Nut Filament Guide with Flange for 3/4" PVC Pipe by coconnor55 Mar 23, 2015
Sharps Disposal Container by coconnor55 Feb 20, 2015