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Hi Carter,

I guess it depends on what you want to archive. As an experiment into what you can 3D print, yes, it would be super cool, but if you try to make something like maybe an IoT sensor that's battery operated, you really don't want the extra resistance in the conductive filament, and you want to be sure, that the contact with the battery is good, also after sitting there for 6 months in a warm room.

In my designs, I usually try to make something that can be used, not just for a quick prototype, but also for a DYI project that you use for a longer period of time, combining different elements, where they work best. You can buy really cheap finished battery holders for AA batteries, but it's usually only the 2 cell, 4 cell etc. and my experience is that they easily break and have no mounting holes.

But please share your experience, if you get something working, I'd love to see that.