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Busy printing Z-FLANGEs (2), Z-CARRs (4) and TOP90s (8). Printing red pieces at 0.2 res/4 shells/50% infill, and grey bits 0.1 res/4 shells/50% infill. Running out of filament as most that I print is prototypes and get versioned into the obsolete bin. If a part stays in the Thing files for more than a few days means it's in the current build. Probably about 6 to 8 printed pieces left to design.

Need to mill some reliefs in the top 2020 cross bars, the retainer nut for the ball screw fixed support needs more room than allowed by the 20mm gap. Plenty of space for the 10mm to 5mm shaft coupling. Also one the machining list is boring the toothed idlers for bearings.

Realized the cheap MGN12 linear guides and extra H blocks from China are complete crap. Replaced bearings in one from McMaster-Carr and tweaked the wire retainer so it didn't bind the ball return. So far it's the only usable carriage, you get what you pay for...