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Hi. So I´ve been experiencing som blockages when printing PLA with my E3Dv6 hotend om my i3.

So basically I think it´s heat creep, I ususally have my temps at about 205C when ptinting but have noticed that slower feed rates have caused blockages. For instance, I notice my hotend start to tighten up when printing 0.1mm layers and today when spiralizing a vase at 0.2mm/30mm feed rate. I assume that the PLA volume/second is a litte too low so heat creeps up out of the heat block and expand the plastic causing a jam.

I´ll go down in temps (195-200C?) but on to my question. First, do you think my analysis is correct? And what is the lowest volume/second of plastic that you comfortably print at to avoid heat creep? Or do you just keep the melting temp low?