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You're very welcome. These arches are designed for the Mango Sport body and the wheel arches have a slightly greater radius on the Tour body so they may not be quite a perfect fit for you. Scaling the design up slightly would account for the larger radius of your wheel arches. Incidentally, that's also why you can fit wider front tyres which are more likely to rub.

To work with the larger tyres and lowered suspension I think the easiest thing is simply to cut some of the plastic away until there is no rubbing.

My first attempt at making these was with a design flat across the bottom and without the cut-away section. As a result, it rubbed on the corners even with narrower tyres. I then modified the design to have the shape shown here as that does not rub on my Mango. However, I only printed one of the new design which was installed on the left side and still use the modified prototype, cut away so that it now looks more or less identical, on the right side.