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Hi Wander2166

The settings I use for PLA are depending on a few things that vary from time to time.
Normally I use the settings as described on the PLA packaging, like a heated bed of 60C and a nozzle temperature of 190 to 210C. That combined with a print speed of somewhere between 20 to 60mm/sec will do most of the time.
For PLA I use Kapton tape on my printbed and some glue stick (Uhu or Pelikan), or I use BuildTak as a print surface. BuildTak is much better, but you need some experience with leveling before you start to use that.

But, I have also made a cooling fan for the printed material in my printer, and when I use that, I use some hotter nozzle temperature then when I am not cooling. Most of the time, I use +10C when printing with coolers on.

And, yes and no... Your printer has a scanner build in to it, Mine doesn't have that. But... It's the same printer all the way.