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Creator... The Creator uses Sailfish. Sailfish can be updated. The problem you are seeing is due to the steps per mm being defined for the set of pulleys originally on the device. Going with a different size pulley is possible, but you need to tell Sailfish that. For example, the Dreamer came out with two different pulleys. There's a setting within the rudimentary user's screen for choosing a black pulley or a silver pulley (the difference, internally, being the number of teeth).

This thread from S3D is exactly what you're experiencing, thought the user wants to make changes for accuracy (not because of a hardware change).

If you don't have S3D, you can always send g-code to do the correction, which isn't that hard.

Here is a great tutorial:

The command you want is the M92 code (M92 X88.8 Y88.8 Z400 E101). But, you'd fill in your own values, not 88.8 or 400.

I usually print a 30x20x10 block (X, Y, Z) for each material type/color and measure that when I do my calibration.