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After replacing the pulleys for the X-Axis (top corners) with 20 teeth and putting back the original plastic pulleys on the stepper motors only, my printouts are again as expected (both in size and quality) and i didn't need to change the firmware settings to compensate for the different sized pulleys. The top corner pulleys don't make any difference as long as those on the stepper motor are having the correct pulleys with 17 teeths.

I uploaded some additional pics to show the difference, see
On the right side you will see how my printouts where affected after so many hours of printing, and on the left you can see that with changing the pulleys in the corner it's improved again, almost as if it was a brand new printer again.

Next i'm waiting for the metal 17T pulleys to arrive to change the plastic pulleys on the stepper motors.

Flashforge Creator Pro - replacing plastic pulleys
by JoPri