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This is a very beautiful Thing. But i'm a lil bit sad now... :-(

I did not very attention while starting the Print.
I choosed the "best" Version "root_planter_box_v4_solid_high-definition.stl" and I set it on a Scale of 1.5, beacause 1.0 was to small. The Print takes with my Settings 18hours and 36minutes to print. And after the Night, so after 10hours I recognized that in Cura, the Model has no Hole on the Top.

And now after nearby 19hours of printing I have a beautiful Planter without a Hole for the Plant :-(

The donwloaded files all are closen on the top, only the First one has a Hole.

I will now try to make a Hole by Hand, But I think it will be hard to do that without damages on the Planter...

But, very beautiful at all.. Thx for this Thing :-)