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Hi, Thanks again for making this machine possible for us.
I'm printing "5/25/16" parts and sadly missed the rollers update (7/13/16 – New Rollers).
I've printed 4x Roller_Motor_Mount (last update: 4-25-16), 4x IE_roller_lock_25 (9-12-15) and 2x IE_Roller_F_25 (4-26-15) with 2 left to print.

Are the new rollers worth ditching the roller parts that I've printed or do you think I'll do fine with the old version? My machine is to become a dedicated 60 x 60 x 1 cm (maybe more on Z) working volume PLA printer (so I guess not so much rigidity is needed as for a router).
I would really like to hear your take on it - would you reprint?
Any chance of mixing: 5-25-16 rollers on one axis and 7-13-16 on another? To save me some printing, or would that mess up the gantry geometry/leveling?