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Hi Janne,

Thanks for your comment ! I'm not an expert and I'm just in my early days. I don't know if I do it in the simplest way, but I use the software ''Repetier'' for the 3D printer in a traditional way and for the engraver I use the software ''Laser Etch B / W Image Engraving''. This software only generates the gcode for the machine. This program controls the laser with the codes M106 (ON) and M107 (OFF) which corresponds to the control of the fans. I simply plugged the laser on the same drive. So with ''Repetier'' I can manually control the laser (with the control of the fans) but I have to go through the other software to create the gcode from an image or text (BMP file). There are also many other ways but I am there for now ;). In vector mode (with Inkscape for exemple) I can't because my machine doesn't accept commands G2 and G3... I hope that answers your question. ;)