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Thanks for updating me on this project..
Yeah the problem with previous design is it felt very unstable because it is two separate pieces and base piece is not as good/solid..
So it was a bit of a challenge to make one piece stable while putting phone on second piece..

There are some makers who don't really listen feedback or think they are always right (I have encountered some)..
It's good that you've taken note of the flaws of the previous design to make this newer better version..

Looking at this design video demo, it looked very close to the other video project which we liked..
So far it looks pretty impressive..
Can't believe you came up with a design pretty quick..

What a great time we are in where you can turn an idea into a real physical object..thanks to 3D printing..

Going to test this now..

Is this card as thick as the old in the video design we like?
I think it needs to be thick enough to feel solid...

Idea / Suggestion :

  1. Can you create a printable separate piece that has many hinges with different widths for phones that are thicker or has a case?
    Then we just measure our phone + case and choose the right size hinge and just do a simple swap out?

  2. I think you can add letters on the pieces and at the location where it attaches so it would be easier to attach?
    So A goes with A, B goes here with B.. etc

  3. Can you create a version with no writing, branding at all?
    I like a plain simplify look with no writing on it..

  4. The angle hinge can also be improved.
    I notice it pop out when I was rotating my phone..

Note: Hope you don't run into any infringement issues with the original creators :=)
because this design is so cool and in the same spirit as the other design that we liked.

Note: I also like that it can be mounted to a tripod..

Note: It was a bit hard to follow your video because it is very blurry..
If you can, please make a better clearer video maybe HD quality