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Okay i just printed and tested this..
Not bad...for first attempt at this design

It is very close to other design that we like..very impressed you manage to emulate it.

Feedback/Improvement suggestion:

The hinge could be improve..
the other design has a better stronger hinge..

I notice the hinge between the base and side for the left side would pop out when rotating..

  1. So maybe the hinge needs to be improve so it is more like a proper joint + socket/hole
  2. Maybe the pieces need to be more thicker as well like in the other design, their stand is much more thicker so the hinges would lock in better
  3. The center pivot hinge of the base is quite tight, so it is hard to spin it to become a credit card shape without worrying if it might break that pivot.
  4. The angle hinge for the phone also popped out when I rotated the angle. So this needs some improvement.


Can you also provide individual pieces STL file so we can print individual parts
That way if you make any improvements we can just print the individual updated part instead of doing the entire lot again.