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Hallo madmax,

First of all, thank you for your comments.
Where are you from? You wrote your comments right in the night ;-)

Your right the time is realy great.I love my 3D printer ;-)

You know from my comments on the first design that I'm a slim fetishist ;-) So the design is only 2mm thick.
I'm printed it in PLA 1.75mm with 0.4mm nozzle in 0,2mm layer. Speed was 150mm/sec. and 210°C nozzle and 65°C Bed temperature. I'm used slic3r 1.2.9 as slicer and it works pretty good for me.
Maybe my printer is good adjusted. The only issue I have is the first layer. There could be some elephant foots on the print. But this time it was very good. There were no postprocessing at all after the print. I'm just collected the parts from the bed, as you wathced in the first part of the video, and assembled them.

Sorry for the bad quality of the video. My camera has bad macro function and I'm wanted to share my results with you as fast as possible.

The design is a challenge for a 3D printer of course because of the tiny parts. But it can works if your printer is well adjusted.

Refer to the first comment:

  1. I'm looking forward to post the parst serepate and also in different sizes for different phones. You can allways wear two sizes with you. The two included are for 8.5 and 9.5mm
    I will also post one without a cut, so everybody could make one as they like.
    I' also will design one asymmetric, with long part at the back of the phone and short at the front.

  2. Let's see if the letter fits.

  3. I'm thinking about it.

  4. That depends again on the adjustment and precision of your printer. The slicing parrameter are also importend.
    I'm searched for a balance between a big angle and good fitting. That is my result.
    With a thicker part it will be easier of course.
    If I have time I will design one 3mm thick just for you ;-)

The two designs have maybe a similar idea but there are differences in design: My is optimized for 3d printing:
There are radius for fittings.
The two side parts aren't parallel. So you have more friction with spinning.
It's a really tripod, because it stand on three points.
You have allways two sizes with you.
The card is only 2mm thick.
There are holes for a tripod.

Refer to your second comment:

  1. I was thinking about a design and how to assemble it. Your right it's still an issue of the design.
  2. As I wrote above. Mayby I will design a thicker one with less challenging printing task.
  3. The right hole size is one of the biggest problems with 3d-printing FDM. If you search for small hole issues, there is a lot material on the net about it.
    This is the main problem with such a design and a 3d-printer. It is very importend to have well calibrated printer.
    There is a gap of 0.2mm in diameter between the pin and the hole.
    If you have problems, you can use sandpaper to make it fits better.

I'm look forward to give some tips for the print in the printing section.
I just wanted to put it on the way jesterday, to let you know about the new design.

I'm let you know, if there is somthing new.

Best regards,