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Ha, don't worry, you wrote back to someone that likes to engage, so you're in luck :)

Yes I did note that it is a bit thick where you pointed out. But, I also tend to like that in the masks. For what I aim for (I intend from the start to paint/sand/prime/finish all my prints), I'd rather have a thicker mask/helmet so I can really lean into it for sanding and it's easier to handle. the Doctor Doom mask on Thingiverse is a great example of a pleasure to work with.

Given that, I'm printing ~15% infill, fast honeycomb, and it's not killing print time. Also I'm trying out 4 outer shells so I have plenty sturdiness to sand. I print at 0.3mm layer height since everything gets painted as well.

You might want to look into Simplify3D if you're frustrated like I was for supports. The granular control it's given me of supports has been my favorite thing since I got it for Christmas. I tend to not care how the finish of the back side of the masks come out, so I have S3D only put supports on the outer perimeter, and let the rest of the inside have sags and bridges that I come through and sand later. It's also helping me cut down print time drastically b/c of ~90% less supports being printed.

One final note for slicing is that I am starting to like the approach of slicing off the detail-centric front face for a single print, then dicing up the remainder as-needed with a little less care. The intent is to preserve all the details where it matters, and put the seams away from front-and-center.