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When you say calibrate do you mean put in a piece of 1.57mm drill rod and press the calibrate button for a few seconds until the LED turns back on? Normally, then you should see close to 1.57v on the output since the sensor assumes the input is 1.57mm and scales the output to match. If you do that, and get 1.38v, then I am wondering if there is too much load on the output pin. Does it show 1.38v with the output just hooked up to a voltmeter?

Also if you get sporatic results, try taking out the LED and turning it 1/4 turn and putting it back in. sometimes the LED light exhibits a pattern with lighter and darker lines which the sensor reads incorrectly. If you turn the LED, it eliminates this problem. Also, your LED should fully illuminate the image sensor with even light. LEDs have different beam widths and so this might be causing some of your problems.