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Flipper, I think I made it....I've changed the capacitor and resistor of output and used my lab power supply totest with 2v. Now I can read 1.56v with 1/16 drill rod, which I consider fine. The problem is that my RAMPS (which is working fine) provides 4.77v on indicated pin. It's now a problem for most of circuits, but since yours are calibrated for 5v, I guess this is my problem now. While connected to RAMPS, I'm getting 1.47v ~ for the same drill's about 10mV less than ideal. I've checked the input voltage at yout board (before any caps/resistor) and it's reading 4.77v. So, It's possible to change the code to compensate for this? What is your recomendation?

UPDATE: Any filament or rod that I use for calibration, always read 1.47v after calibration successfull (press and hold button until led turns on). Also, Always same value (1.47v) for steady LED or blinking LED.