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i took the acrylic plate off to make sure it worked first oops but its my fault i should been more careful. I originally thought it was just the square leg being a tight fit i was thinking that in order for the part to function it needs to be able to slide through all the way so i forced it. Looking at it after i can see that the legs are about a mm too wide above and below both holes so the further i forced it through the more stress it put on the acrylic. Luckily the crack was was fixable, actually it was a small chunk of acrylic that snapped off one of the bottom holes, glue seems to be holding and the front brace supports it.

Since no one else has this problem I'm not sure whats wrong maybe my printer is printing objects larger then there supposed to be or maybe my frame holes are closer, I've heard theirs been minor changes like that to these printers over time and i just got mine a couple weeks ago. Anyways i like the design enough that i plan to measure and resize to fit my printer but before i do that i'm curious if maybe this is actually whats intended? and my problem is that i forced it too far, further then it should need to go in order to tighten the belt? That would make sense it does ensure a tight sturdy fit so there's no movement of the parts but i'm not sure it could really go much further then where yours is though without being at risk.