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Hallo Tyler Durden,

me again. Now I'm added a picture with arrows and an assembly video for the 2.4 version.
I'm bought near lenses for my cam. It's not perfect, but I hope it's little better now.

Of course we have to adapt the design to our production process. It has some issues but also great benefits. Be don't need a very expensive tool for every change on the design. And we can easely 3d-print a lot of designs just in minuts or hours on our printer at home. No other manufacturing process is that fast. Even if you need something from an online-shop, you need at least 1 day.
My near lenses came in one day, but the adapter for my cam doesn't. So I'm designed an adapter and 3d printed it. It wasn't perfect, but it was o.k. for a few days.

-The hinge outcomming should be solved with the new version.
-If you have problems with tight or too lose hinge you can test an adaption of the extruder multiplier or filament diameter.
This option should be on every slicing software, because you need it to adapt to your filament.

I'm added all parts separate now. so you can choose an other printing settings on every part.
Maybe you wont to print the disk slightly bigger or smaller to have a better fit with your printer.

Have fun with the new design and if you have new ideas, just let me know.