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full size is REALLY BIG, so I'd recommend scaling it down a bit, but other wise PERFECT!
I printed all of the separate body parts (a,b,c,d) in one print (13 hours!) and then the display base, and then the feet,
I printed this on a brand new Da Vinci Pro 1.0, STRAIGHT out of the box, no calibration or anything! (well that's after trying one of the built in test prints)
The body parts "connections" all "snapped apart" with just a bit of effort and the joints all held up great! Snapping together the body was a little tight, but it worked.
The only minor thing is the feet fall of pretty easily when you rotate them, you just have to be a little gentle and careful moving them.
Everyone who's seen this is blown away! What a great piece to show off 3d printing with!