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I wanted to post a comment here because of the discussion of a lot of people having issues with the bolt fitting or the legs fitting. I had what I thought was a great quality print, but it wasnt. It wasnt calibrated. I had prints where the 20mm cube would read 20.2 or larger. However, I calibrated my extruder; set the correct number of steps in firmware and measured my filament over the span of about 1m (10 measurements, then average) That made all the difference. Z is now at 20.00. X 20.03 Y 20.02. Just from extruder calibration nothing about adjusting xy steps at all. Once I had that and reprinted, it was like a different material was used. It looked different and everything went together very smoothly.

For those arguing that the part is too big, Please validate how you're able to make that claim. If your extruder is not calibrated and your slicer doesnt know the correct amount of plastic in the extruder, then it may over or under extrude. Over extrusion leads to squishing which will lead to an unusably enlarged part. So, please validate how you are able to make the claim that the part is too big. Did you measure the part in a CAD program vs what you have measured on your printer? Or are you basing the measurements off of the printed part, which may or may not be dimensionally accurate due to calibration issues?