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The bosslady has decided she wants one.
Yesterday I have printed the feet, all four in one printjob and overnight I did the head (part_a of the body) on my Anet A8.
I recognize the problems reported here with joints that are stuck but hey, this is a beautiful littlle creature!
To loosen the joints I have used some silicone lubricant spray on them and then wriggled them loose (gently) while clamped in a vice.
To protect the edges from scratching I put a sheet of paper over them.
Nothing snapped and they all came loose quite easily. The joints are moving freely and they don't feel sloppy.

The printer settings I used:
Printing at full size in PLA, extruder = 200 degrees, bed = 60
Layer height: 0.15, first layer 0.30mm, infill 25%.
Flow rate is at defaut (100%)
Fan speed: 50% with a Mistral v2.0 nozzle ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2121279 )
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I have already sliced all parts and I'm going to print them this weekend.
After what I've seen so far I'm quite confident that it will go allright.

"Mistral 2.1" Extruder Cooling Duct for the Anet A8 Printer
by Leo_N