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very nice work, I like it very much.
After printing at 60% and troubles with the threads and gears I printed again at 100%, Threads and gears fitting perfectly. :-)
No machining was neccesary.

I have a question regarding the designing:
For 3D Printing normaly holes are too small and rods are too big.

  • one reason is a not well set printer
  • second reason is the STL Format itself (discribing circular characters with triagles, small holes even worser as bigger holes)
  • third reason is the contraction of the polymer itself while cooling (PLA different than ABS).

Normaly this things are no problem because you can machining holes and rods after printing, holes very easy by drilling.

But do you design the parts with this knowledge of this three reasons? (Except the first one because you could not know).