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I just got this to work

Ok so after spending the past few evenings trying to figure this out Iv've finally managed to get it to work, mostly.

First step: Borrow a Windows laptop (could not get Pronterface UI to pull up on Mac version of Cura 15.whatever)

Second: Download and extract Skynet3d v2.3.1 to the desktop, heres the link --->

Third: Open the folder and navigate to the documentation folder and read installation guide

Four: Follow the guide it works

IF YOU CANT LINK TO YOUR 3D PRINTER: Google and download a USB-SERIAL CH340 driver
this also applies for MACs

Probe Bracket ---->

On the Tronxy XY-08N I had to configure the wires BLUE - BROWN - BLACK

Side Note: when printing I get a bunch of garbage displayed on the print lcd screen but the prints come out perfect. Guessing an update in the future will hopefully fix it. For now Im happy to have my printer up and running again.

Anet A8 Probe Bracket for anet sensor
by chelrix