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Trying out this project on my new Taz 6 with Taulman bridge nylon filament and learning a lot. First of all, don't do what I did and lay out all the parts to print at once. There's a few problems doing that, especially with a bridging filament. One is after 14 hours of all the parts sitting on the hot plate, they began to discolor/burn. So printing one at a time will solve that problem. Also, because the printhead has to jump around between all the parts, it created a lot of threads/globs and a general mess. In fact, I think I'll cut the piece with the two threaded rods into halves and glue them together physically later with epoxy (jumping between the rods gummed up the threads a bit). And, speaking of that part with the threaded rods, the default infill makes that component too weak. The other parts seem fine, though. Thanks for the design! I should have paid closer attention to the description/directions. :')