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I've found a fix for this:

the code "scale([25.4/90, -25.4/90, 1])" is actually correct. What fails is parsing of document width and height, when svg has height="300mm" or width="400mm" -- the it falls back to 100 x 100 resulting in a scaled down version.

In case github user l0b0 wants to merge this fix, I've sent him
Otherwise, I'll leave my copy around for those of us who use github.

Great work Dan!

Meanwhile, I've added more to

  • fix scale when page is in mm. (this discussion)
  • fix scale with inkscape-0.92 to use 96dpi instead of 90pi.
  • mapPathVertices() should be getPathVertices()
  • allow . as decimal point in ID for autoheight feature.
  • STL features: option to call openscad, option to call cura etc.