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I have tried several out of ABS with a 20mm brim and supports. The corners keep lifting tape off the bed. Latest on I tried for a very clean print using 245 and 115 on bed for 1st 2 layers, then tweak (Cura) I reduce heat to 240 and 110. I am using ,1 as layer and 1.0 shell, I using 40 for speed. It looks so pristine during 1st 20 layers or so, but after awhile starts lifting, but still looks fantastic. it is slow speed and with supports print time is 17hrs.
I will play with different settings, any help appreciated. I am new to the hobby, I have had lost of problems, my last one solved was shifting layers, moved from Usb to SD card and that with slower speeds stopped it. Since I did both I am sure if the speed might could be moved back to 70. Thanks