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Just finished making this for the 'Geeetech i3 X'
The 27mm variant fits perfectly with no modification to the spacing between the lead screw and guide rods!

The only part that needed to be modified were the X-axis smooth rods which needed about 50mm cutting off them for the tensioner to be fitted correctly. I would have prefered not to have cut the rods should i wish to make a wider bed/frame at some point, but considering how bent they were out of the box it was for the best anyway!

Works a treat and is miles better than the OEM acrylic parts, think it's also taken almost a Kg off the X-axis overall when combined with a Bowden setup LMAO

Only problem i've noticed is the lack of a Z-axis Min stop adjuster... In my mad rush to get the new parts installed i failed to notice this until i was just starting to re-calibrate! Oops!

Overall 5/5 Strongly recommended upgrade!
Keep up the good work MazaaFIN