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I am new to 3D printing so be gentle on me. I have a Prusa i3 mk2 and tried to print this. I am using slic3r from Prusa to print this. I drag it into the slic3r and export it to the gcode. I believe the configuration is the default that the slic3r has setup from Prusa. I was able to get it to export but when it begins to print it doesn't make a clean brim, or first layer it beads up, for lakc of not knowing the technical name for what it is doing. I have printed a few other things both from Prusa's SD card and from thingiverse with little or minimal issue.

My calibration is spot on. Where do I start to find out how to print this correctly? The little filament release at the beginning of the print releases filament just fine, and as being I have print running now for 6 hours my nozzle is not clogged. If needed I can attach a dropbox link and image, ill have to reprint it later after another print finishes up. Thanks in advance.