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I will also put the following into the made section. But not everyone is reading there.
1st try:
w/o raft the "jaw" didn't work, because the support moved. Therefore I think it needs at least to be printed with brim. Hands felt off
Settings: ANET A8, 80mm/s, 95% flowrate, .2 layer, 10% infill

2nd try:
w/ raft the support worked as intended. Hands felt off, legs are very loose, head support only broke after I used a screwdriver at its "jaw" and pulled it to the top of the head. (Yes, the robot said it hurts ;) Anyway it wanted to move its head... It's not sure about what I should do with its lost hands)
Settings: ANET A8, 80mm/s, 96% flowrate, .2 layer, 10% infill, raft

3rd try is still printing. I changed the flowrate back to 100% now. Usually I have problems with fused parts, that's why I lower the flowrate to somewhat between 95%-98%. Also I made some changes to the raft, as it was difficult to remove. But that's not an issue of this model :)

The hands of the 3rd try are in place and don't fall off.