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Sorry Flipper,

I did not mean the width sensor itself, I just meant the problem you were talking about below. I have last night saw the printhead starting to retract every second and not doing anything actually after increasing the buffer to double the size. It seems it does not matter if I make the buffer smaller or bigger, I get problems at some stage. Can I ask what you mean by reduced control of the filament width.

I also saw that thinkyhead on the Marlin forum said the latest bug fix release has freed up quite a substantial amount of memory. Just have some doubts about the bug fix release, but I suppose it is not going to hurt to try.

But otherwise feel proud of your work. I never had such consistent prints, and I now actually have control over my printing. I can see the smallest changes actually manifesting itself in my prints. Does not matter if you use $1000 per roll filaments or relatively cheap filament you get the same prints over and over. I love it.