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Swap Blue and Brown wire... install Skynet3d 2.3.2 ( READ the Auto BedLevelling Guide... select the configh file that applies to your sensor position (copy and paste) and flash with supplied Arduino... run Cura and level with :

Preheat Nozzle and Bed
M851 Z0 - reset Z offset to “0”
M500 – Save to EEPROM
G28 – Auto Home (sensor will be centred at this point)
G1 X110 Y110 / (G1 X110 Y135 if you have an A2 with 220x270 bed) - move nozzle to centre
Move Nozzle down to the correct gap (about the thickness of a4 paper)
G92 Z0 – This tells the printer that “This is now Z0”
G30 X110 Y110/ (G30 X110 Y135 if you have an A2 with 220x270 bed)
-Tests the trigger distance and displays the offset as a positive value e.g Z2.1
M851 Z (eg. M851 Z-2.1)
M500 – Save to EEPROM
Add a G29 After the G28 in your start g code to activate auto bed levelling.

If you want to 'purge' your nozzle before printing insert this 'start' gcode

G28 X0 Y0 Z0 ; home X, Y and Z axis end-stops
G29 ; initiate z-probing
G0 X0 Y0 F9000 ; Go to front
G0 Z0.15 ; Drop to bed
G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length
G1 X80 E25 F500 ; Extrude 25mm of filament in a 8cm line
G92 E0 ; zero the extruded length
G1 E-1 F500 ; Retract a little
G1 X80 F4000 ; Quickly wipe away from the filament line
G1 Z0.3 ; Raise and begin printing.