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Finally got around to fitting this yesterday. GREAT design, and overall I was happy with the printing service. I had to file a very small amount from the display aperture (i'm talking a tiny amount), and I could probably do with taking a little off the edges of the eject button (which I see you modified in a later model) but didn't. I used the cylinders and screwed into them, but a bit of hot-glue may have been better just to give a little play. It's a very tight fit, and the existing drive and power cables are stretched to their limit, so I may replace them with the longer ones I was using when the GOTEK was outside of the case. These are not issues with the build though, obviously! I'm really, really pleased with the cradle - thanks so much for designing it, and I'd say as long as anyone doesn't mind a bit of filing to get rid of any rough edges, the printing service is good.