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The Youtube video is definitely helpful.The printer settings are pretty straightforward, but the Profile settings give you enough options to get you in trouble if you don't know where to start. Here's what I've been using with Cura 2.4/2.5 when printing with some PLA that I bought from Monoprice when I got the printer:

Start with "Normal Quality" profile defaults

Quality Settings:
-Layer Height: 0.2 mm
-Initial Layer Height: 0.3 mm
-Top/Bottom Line Width: 0.4 mm

Material Settings:
Printing Temperature: 210 C
Build Plate Temp: 60 C
Build Plate Temp Inital Layer: 60 C
Retraction Distance: 2 mm

Speed Settings:
Print Speed: 40 mm/s
Travel Speed 90 mm/s

For the speed setting, I've used 50 mm/s before, but the quality degrades a little bit and I get some random blobs here and there. The quality at 40 mm/s looks better to me, but depending on what you're printing you might not care. I initially tried 215 for the printer temp, but that seemed to be too drippy. I've noticed if the nozzle isn't good and clean when you start the print, it can tend to drag the drip across the print and then start to make a big mess.

I've also noticed that every 3-4 prints I need to fiddle with the bed leveling to get the nozzle at the right distance from the bed. This might have to do with the tension springs shifting laterally during the printing process. I'm going to print up some of those spring cups after I've finished printing up the Z brace bits later today.

I haven't tried ABS yet, but I'm also working on the Ikea Lack table enclosure that everyone seems to use.

Let us know if you find some settings that work well for you!