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I had to make this fix. it's most likely unsafe but here goes.

1) I took off all the fans to have easy access with the removal of the tip.
2) preheat to 200 degrees, and with the heating block still bolted on, i removed the hot end.
3) I cut the filament at the top of the extruder, I press the extruder release and push lightly to see if the filament would come out the hot end (without the hot end). I would push until about 3 cm is remaining at the top of the extruder
4) pull the filament out the top of the extruder with a needle nose plier.
5) ---- important - turn off the printer and let it cool.
6) once everything is cool, I unscrew the block connecting to the extruder, but keeping the metal tube connected to the heating block, and flip it upside down, the cables might be tight but I managed to install it upside down and have it rest on the metal.
7) turn on the printer and preheat back to 200.
8) slowly unscrew the metal tube from the heating block - you may need to have a wrench hold the heating block in place.
9) at this stage, there might be some plastic in between the grooves of the metal tube, if so, screw it half a turn in the heating block, wait for it to heat up, take it out, and with a needle nose plier or tweezer, pull the plastic out as it cools, it should come off easily and together.
10) to clean up the inside of the heating block, I used pliers and just pull the plastic out slowly, it should come out easily since it is still liquidy.

All this took me about an hour or so to do, and I managed to clean all the plastic off of the grooves and crevice of the hot end and the metal tube. I also managed to clean the heat block pretty well in the grooves where you scew in the hot end and the metal tube.