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Dear all,
Our files of the Prusa i3 Rework 1.5 are just on our website since something like 2 years now. You can find at the address: https://www.reprap-3d-printer.com/support and following the path Prusa_I3_Rework_et_Ordbot/Ressources3D/Prusa_i3_Rework_rev1.5/STL (or STEP if you need to modify the files).
Since we are not very able to discuss with thingiverse to "unspam" our Prusa I3 Rework 1.5 page (I sent several email with zero answer, then I gave up), so now we don't go very often on thingiverse now. But this is true I never had much time to react to comment activity, I apologize for that.
Enjoy the files ;)
Best regards,