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Hi Guys,

Thank you all for posting your experiences with the Tronxy sensor on the ANET A8.

I purchased this printed in January, and have been enjoying it without a sensor until now. I ordered a sensor in February but when it arrived I realised it wasn't the official sensor - but this tronxy one. So Thought it was useless, and it was sitting in my desk for months. When I saw this thread, I realised I could get it to work.

So I updated my firmware to Skynet, using the configuration file for the 5 button, front left 12mm sensor mount. and followed all the instructions on how to level your bed. resetting the Z axis Correctly. All the commands in the manual seemed to be accepted by the printer, however when I started to print,after successfully measuring the 9 points of the print bed, the head remains 10mm above the print bed.... and it carries on trying to print in thin air... tried several times to address it, but to no avail.

Any help gratefully received.