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Hey guys. I installed my micro swiss hotend last weekend along with the machined lever and extruder plate. As soon as I installed it, I printed my usual stuff @ 200* with AIO and bamtack PLA. Everything printed fine along with a 14hr print I did that weekend. I started to mess with the Pause at height plug in (Cura). During Filament I noticed that It was hard to pull out the filament. So i would need to extrude at least 1mm then I can pull out the filament easily. I started to get things stuck on the 2nd print whenever I would switch to my second color. Thinking it was the hotend, I then proceeded to take things apart. I discovered nothing wrong in the nozzle or extruder. I then stopped using pause at height and just in certain a piece of G-code to switch colors. After that all is fine; This metal hotend seems to flow much better than stock. While nothing was wrong with my stock hotend, I decided to switch mine out mainly because I wanted a more permanent solution rather than a PTFE tube that I would need to replace once in awhile. All in all im happy with mine.

Oh BTW, is thermal paste really necessary during install since my printer is fine. I watch the nozzle temp and it fluctuates +/- 3* is this something I should worry about?