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I confirm that total weight is 460g, and battery is 45g.

The center yellow sections of the wing and the black sections were printed with 0.4 and extrusion multiplier 1, and they are definetely weaker than the middle yellow sections and the orange alerons, for which I incremented the extruder multiplier to 1.2 (so they are probably around 0.5 mm width). I didn´t realize that width was set to 0.4, so I progesively incremented the extrusion multiplier during printing of sections.

Probably I should print a new strong wing with all sections at 0.5 mm, but I will try this first. The upper skin looks bonded to the spars, so I will take my chances ...

Yes, I used more bottom and top layers to compensate the reduced layer height.

I like the "Speedy Bumble Bee" name !!!! If it survives to his first flight tomorrow morning I will prepare a logo for the tail ...