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For my miniatures I actually use the Formlabs Form 2 with clear resin. My Ultimaker 2+ is already doing good quality miniatures but the Form 2 has so crazy high detail. I just placed the glass at about 45° onto the buildplate of Preform and reduced the number and size of supports to a functioning minimum.

  • I remember that after scaling the glass down to 1:24 scale I had to increase the wall thickness of the glass in my design tool so the walls are still thick enough for printing.

For an FDM printer it highly depends on the nozzle size. But I couldn't print this glass on my Ultimaker2+ in the 1:24 scale, it would be too small and thin for that.

When Cura is missing lines it is often a hint that the walls of the object are too thin for the chosen nozzle and print quality. Try to either scale the object up or make the walls thicker or choose a thinner nozzle.

Let's say you have a 0.4mm nozzle (standard in most printers) then the thickness of the glass should be at least a little bigger then 0.4mm e.g. 0.405 or 0.41.