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A lot of bearings I find are greased and this is for protection mainly from what i hear, the ones that are de-greased if possible are more expensive sadly. What I do is buy bearings in bulk from amazon of about 30 or so which costs me about $15 (.50 cents per bearing) with prime shipping, I can get the cost down to about .20-.30 cents a bearing if bought from Ebay shipping from China but that takes weeks to get them in. The cheapest way to de-grease the bearing is to put them in a small bowl of alcohol for about 5-10 mins then dry them off with a paper towel, I repeat this step a few times just to make sure I get most of the grease out. I currently use 50% alcohol because that is what I had available at the time but I just purchased 91% alcohol, I'm not sure if this will render better results but will see soon.