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Thanks for the files! I printed it at 40% infill with to ensure it was strong enough on the first print since it's a big print job. Used about 2/3 of a reel of Makerbot PLA and took ~21 hours start to finish. But it turned out great! See here: http://imgur.com/gallery/NhkkN

This was printed for our school's principal who wanted a way to cradle her school laptop (17" Macbook Pro) for easier use at her desk when combined with a thunderbolt dock (for those who are curious :https://www.amazon.com/Elgato-Thunderbolt-Laptop-Dock-Cable/dp/B00PAPMSLE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1490727372&sr=8-1&keywords=elgato+thunderbolt+2+dock) which she has connected to a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and an external monitor. She just plugs in the power cable and the thunderbolt cable and is all set for the day in the morning.

I took your advice and did the version without supports and let the Replicator 5th gen do its own supports which worked out great.