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Actually. it's CAT3. It's 24 AWG and the cables don't move. Also used same for the stationary end stops for Y and Z.
At 24VDC (1.4A stepper) is only a 1.5% voltage drop over 1.5 meter cable length, that's half of the max recommended of 3%.

For the hot ends have ultra-flexible multi-strand 15 wire 22 AWG cable going to the carriages and will use 4 wires, 2 each for the negative and positive leads for the cartridge heaters. Plus 2 for the thermistor, 2 for the heat sink fan, 3 for the filament cooling fan, and 4 for the NEMA 14 direct drive (total 15). The smaller cables that go to the carriages now are for the X endstops only, and is only 26 AWG.