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Nothing that would stand scientific scrutiny. The odor is certainly removed but that is due to the activated carbon pelts. I did place a white piece of paper that I covered with double sided sticky tape while I printed black filament. I did not collect anything that the eye can see after several hours. That having been said, I have not noticed any particles sticking to the Plexiglass enclosure covers either after 100's of hours operation either. Plexiglass normally has a natural charge on it that typically attracts any dust or dirt. So the questions remain:

  • Is the type of material I am printing with (ABS, PLA, HIPS, and PTEG) generating Ultra Fine Particles?
  • If so is the HEPA filter capturing the UFP?
  • If the UFP are getting through the filter, what type of filter would remove them?

I did review some articles on HEPA filters that claim 99.9 efficiency in removing particles of 300 nano meter and larger particles but did not give data on the smaller 10-300 nano-meter particles recorded in some studies.

I my particular case, The filter exhaust port is within 3 feet of an exhaust fan that is moving about 200 CFPM of air constantly. Hopefully this would carry any UFP that is airport outside the structure.