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I printed at almost 2X scaling (1.94 to be exact) on my Monoprice Select V2 using PLA. You need to slow the printer way down and set to 100% infill and .1 layer height. Then it takes about 32-46 hours to print depending on where you beef up or down some settings. Oh and be forewarned it will eat about 250m of filament! You should print it on a raft. If you are getting your prints coming loose from a raft you have either the bed not calibrated or the heat and fan cooling needs to be tinkered with. If it's your raft that keeps coming undone and you are sure you've leveled everything, you'll need to use some glue stick or hairspray on the bed. I have build-tac and with a little elmers glue stick it never fails to stick. (Getting it off the bed is more the issue.) Most of the people who are breaking theirs are either printing at the suggested 15% infill (terrible advise to recommend that) or are just too impatient. Also the speed is crucial. You will need to print very slowly to be sure the parts don't fuse. If they do, the infill is what allows them to survive prying them apart. I never print with less than 40% infill. Any less just invites parts to break. Of course it takes so darn long to print that I've only printed one big one. I just can't spare 2 fulls days and nights for a single print very often. While my printer can print 2 times faster, it tends to screw up tight tolerance things like this when it goes too fast. Also don't plan on it providing any serious lifting power. This is just a demo/toy that will break if much force is applied to it.