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Hello Dear idig3d :)

i have an Ultimaker 3 Extended version (2.85mm filaments) I wish to use NinjaFlex who is hard to no get block on the Bowden and dont block too on the feeder etc... :/

For my case of ninjaflex and printer can you please tell me which of your 3 files i should print ?

can i print them in ABS ? in 0% infill and 0.2mm resolution too ?

for Ninjaflex (some of my print need like 12hours to finish) do i need to put more oil on the sponge ? the best oil stay the Rapeseed Oil ? or better result with WD40 oil ? or teflon oil for mountain bike gear ? or 3 in one oil ?

i have actualy the teflon oil for bike and sun oil seed in my kitchen ^^ but i can go to buy any of the others if they are better % to succed even 1% more ^^

thank you for your answer and this print ^^