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Well, the nurse slapped you on the wrong end at birth didn't she..

If people actually spend 10 minutes going through those, they will see that they are absolutely not even close..

Like WTF is with that predator head? that is awful - seriously. I'm more offended you said I stole such a bad version of the head... Did you not see mine? like it's chalk and cheese you mong.

like..really, how can you compare this:
To this:

Cmon, really? it's so far off it's like you are just grasping at straws now. I took my predator down remember because YOU WERE SELLING IT ..

Honesty, I am convinced you have some serious mental issues, I don't think I can rationalize with you, it's just fucking impossible and you make this place a nightmare to even log onto.

For the record, everyone will note his CG Trader account has had ALL MODELS REMOVED FROM SALE - not just the ones he ripped off me, but all of them. They were ALL taken from here without permission and being sold on there.
https://www.cgtrader.com/medelis What we're seeing here is his retaliation for being caught, not only childish but damaging.