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My supplier of the day is whoever offers the right thing for the best deal as I need it and search ali/ebay. No customer loyalty here :)

Anycubic are not a bad source pricewise, and yo ucan be very sure you are getting a compatible item with no thinking involved. Their Aliexpress is better stocked than ebay.
But if you want to shave some dollars or buy some items they dont have then you need to do some measuring of thigs and make sure you match what you buy very closely.
ie: their heatbreak tubes have ptfe liners, so unless the hole in the back of the nozzle is the right size the ptfe doesnt seat properly.. you clog, and often destroy the ptfe insert.
Or the lenght of thread on their nozzles is relatively long. Buy similar nozzles that have less thread and again, they dont seat on the heatbreak ptfe insert, and problems.
Generally all of these components are cheap though, so even if you buy one of everyhting available, you 'll learn the subtle differences and still end up with somehting you can use, and something that you can eventually use if you buy some other cheap and common item. Heatbreak tubes with no ptfe insert for example.. which also have some specific uses that you will eventually become interested in as you print different filament media.