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Petg is probably better than abs in almost every way.
For parts I have found it most reliable to either shop directly from the company's ebay/aliexpress protal from whom i bought the printer. Anycubic.
There is no convenient all inclusive list.
Or to get the parts I already have and do a detailed analysis on all of their dimensions, then research ebay/aliexpress. The reprap wiki has some attempts to consolidate information, but ultimately the manufacturers make a wide variety of items that are similar but different, sellers may be ignorant of these differences or actively avoid displaying them, it's really up to you to find a listing that displays all the info you need to make a decision about total compatibility. It can be tricky, but really theres only a few things you need to look out for on every item, and most things are cheap enough that you can get the wrong one and still be able to use it when you know what other item or particular application to pair it with.