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The firmware for the printer appears to be talking over serial with the screen and the screen is also sending commands to the printer. These are custom commands that only the AnyCubic firmware can handle and translate to the actual G-Code that the Marlin (presumably) is using. The protocol is documented in the xlsx file and google translate managed to translate it ok it seems. It should be possible to port this over to a normal Marlin firmware with quite some work. I still haven't found the original source they used for their baseline to be able to easily find the parts they changed though.

To change the UI one also needs the firmware that is running on the TFT screen board, it is its own microcontroller and its own firmware. The image provided in this thread shows something that looks like a programming header and maybe it is possible to program it through usb as well but I couldn't figure out the microcontroller on the tft board to see how likely it is to program it.

There are movement commands coming from the TFT board to the mother board and it seems that the entire logic for the leveling is sitting on the TFT board.

I still don't have the printer and am interested in it except for the fact that it will not easily be possible to reprogram it. I also didn't find a replacement board to try programming if I brick the programmed board.

Can anyone provide full image of all sides of the boards to help identify the components and the connections?